Friday, 27 November 2015


I did not plan on going shopping on Black Friday but because I did end up buying few Christmas presents for people since they were on sale, and I got few bits for myself and Yes I know Inglot again but seriously since I changed to 10 pan pallets I cant atop buying and using them.
Dior had 10% of  in Boots and since I needed  a new one  of these I thought I might as well get it, the one I am using at the moment is about or over a year old but then again there is still a bit left there and it work as fine this does make your lashes a lot longer and thicker and it doesn't matter what mascara you use after lashes still look great definitely recommend trying this out.

Since it is night time and the pictures are taken with flash you are able to see more of the finish that the eye shadows have and that some of them has sparkle in it.


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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Makeup/Beauty Haul.

This is just a random haul and bits I Picked up yesterday and few days ago... Enjoy...
This is Essence (Merry Berry) New holiday highlighter in, I love my golden pumps, That my friend picked up for me check out her Ig, +IgneGuess
 As you can see from swatch it isn't really intense in your face but for someone who loves natural makeup or just a simple day look this would be just the right thing.
 For anyone in Ireland who Loves the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray they have a deal in Debenhams for the set of 2, €35.
 I've been wanting to get this Nyx,Taupe blush for more than 6 months but it was always sold out, luckily I came into my local pharmacy and they just had restocked the shelves.
As you can see this is not your typical blush color and I intend of using it as a contour shade.
 I didn't get anything much at Mac because sometimes I walk in there and I want to buy everything and sometimes I don't see anything I like at all and this was one of those times.
Swatch of plumage eye-shadow
 Am I the only one who hates to buy foundation and then having to buy a damm pump separately.
 Since I swapped over to the 10pan palettes from the 18pan I have been using Inglot shadows a lot more often and starting to like them more and more so I wanted to pick up some metallic/shimmer shades.
You can't see in the picture but the green nr58 has gorgeous shimmer in it, if you are at Ingot store definitely check it out.
Since Ive been hearing a lot of good thing about the Inglot HD contour powders of-course I had to get them and make sure for myself that they are as good as everyone says.
Anyone willing to comment what other shades I should get ?
One more life lesson I learned don't buy the big duo glue size even tho you will think that you'll save money you wont, you will end up wasting enormous amount of glue, so I got these 3 for 2 in Boots in small size and you can put the glue from tube to the eyelashes and there wont be a huge blob of glue coming out every time you use it.
Fo the eye candy lashes anyone wondering, I got them in TkMaxx for €3
 The Garnier dual eye makeup remover is really effective to get of waterproof eye makeup it is the same as the Nivea dual effect one just slightly cheaper.
Maybelline great lash amazing for lengthening lashes.
Tweezers well I just like the ones from Primark and for some reason from 5 sets of these tweezers I only have 1 left cuz they all disappear  in about 1-2weeks time.
 Ordered this msQ blending brush from Alixpress, wanted to throw it here just to say that it is really rough,good for under eye eye shadow blending tho.
This most likely is not a Sigma brush and was ordered from Alixpress only for the shape of it and so far I'm loving it.Yes I know you not suppose to order fake products and all that cap but you know what it is a brush and if it works I coudn't care less if it is Chanel or some cheap brand as long as it preforms good.
With all this glitter root thing I want to try it as well so I got a hair gell, only problem is I keep forgetting to buy glitter :D 
You can get these cute lip balms in Supergrug in a set of 3.


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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Honestly the quality of both of these are the same, and they are extremely similar with tiny bit of differences when you swatch them but when it goes on the skin it is same if not even the New Look one is better.
A lot of people already know about the Smashbox kit butt since New Look recently launched makeup line many people don't know about the New Look contour kit, it isn't powdery, blends well, and looks great on skin. I prefer New Look one, especially since the contour shade is slightly more grayish witch makes it even better for contouring.
I know a lot of people are more about the name of the brand than the actually quality of the product bus seriously if you are willing to spend €44 for the name you might as well then try the cheaper alternative and see it for yourself that not always name of the Company means that the product is better than more affordable alternative.
Save your money and don't bother getting the Smashbox palette go and get yourself a bargain in New Look for a lot cheaper and same quality.
Price-New Look: €7.99

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Save your money. Inglot eyeshadows.

This will be from my personal experience. When I started to study Makeup artistry I did not own even 1 eye shadow because I didn't know how to use them at all, so when I started college I obviously needed to buy some, since Inglot where the cheapest ones I went for them but I got the 18pan pallet for €18 witch I thought is great because I am saving money due to the fact that 5pan pallet costs €10, and 10pan costs  €14.
Well I was wrong not even looking at the fact that the 18pan pallet is heavy but it is big to carry around especially when most of the time I only needed the 5 eye shadows(at the top) because I use them for eyebrows so it wasn't at all handy to be carrying all huge thing cuz of 5 shadows.
After a while I stoped using the Inglot shadows cuz I didn't wasn't to carry the pallet with me as well as even at home it is just big and takes up much space, so for the sake of the 5 shadows I got the 5pan pallet and it was the best decision ever.
After a while I realized that I will need to get smaller palettes otherwise I wont use the eye shadows  and it will end up being total waste of money for them just standing in my drawers, and I was right I did not touch them until I got the smaller palttes and they are so handy now.
Yes at the start you may spend more money buying the smaller palettes but in the end you will save it because you will actually use the eye shadows if they will be handy to access and carry around.
It may not be the case for everyone and some people may love the large pallets but it wasn't handy for me, but everyone makes mistakes and I learned from mine.
These are my favorite shades to use for brows as you can see this pallet is well used.
375-The light brown I don't use it as often but I have it in case someone is really pale and has light hair.
329, 63,107,117 These are the most used the 117 is great for someone who has ashy color hair and brows.
Tip. Wet your brush before using shadows it will make the pigment stronger and eyebrows sharper.
From this pallet the 1st color 318 is just white the second one 496 is white with shimmer they are my most used eye shadows if I  need stronger brow bone highlight most likely it will be either of those 2colors.
First row the last 3shades 330, 113, 341- Good for base color.
Second row 331, 314, great transition colors if you want slight pop of color.
Last 3 colors 102,450,101- Most used ones. The burned orange one is amazing transition color if you love warm tones.
This pallet really is just kinda incomplete half way project, cuz I plan on having 1 separate 10pan pallet with shimmery shadows and 1palette with colorful shadows.
First row. 156,154,131,113,370,
Second row. 320,377,371,331.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Collection #blushandglow Blush Palette review.

I got this Collection pallet mainly cuz of 2 reasons It has bronzer in it and is cheap, so I wanted to know if the quality will be cheap and chalky with no pigment.
 Starting with bronzer it is really pigmented and blends well, but if you have really pale skin be careful and use it lightly. This  is definitely really good for mediums tones. I am pleased with the quality of it, so for me it was worth the price already not even trying the highlighter and blushes.
Highlighter it is really natural has some shimmer in, it doesn't go all over the face so the highlighter is good quality too,but not for my liking because I like full on highlight.
Blush1 and 2. Dont like them they have a lack of pigment in them for someone who has medium skin tone. It would suit better lighter skin, they feel slightly chalkier than the bronzer and highlight.
 Retail price:€6.99
 Overall. It is worth buying and trying out.
  Swatches with flash
Swatches without flash.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Makeup & Beauty supply Haul.

So I went a bit of Christmas shopping and obviously couldn't leave without buying myself something too, as well as I received brushes in mail and other bits I thought I might as well share.
This tiny bit happened today when I had to go to town :)
Makeup Revolution Salvation palette Iconic Pro2. I went to Superdrug but unfortunately nearly everything was sold out :( and I saw this pallet thrown at the back so I looked at it and just couldn't leave it there,I love that blue shade and Makeup Revolution always does good makeup.
Retail price:Over €10
Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Palette Flawless Matte- This was too good pas it up as well all matte shades, Love it.
Retail price:Over €10
Makeup Academy Base pro, correcting powder.  I tried it once, felt smooth and velvety on the skin so most likely there will be followup on this on my Instagram @pinkice107
Studio London.I wanted some sparkle for Christmas time s these were perfect it is a set of 4 eyeliners for only €6 in Superdrug.
 Swatches of the eyeliners, being honest I wont use the black liquid liner but I like the sparky ones.
As the name says I got it in New Look, a bit disappointed as it isn't opaque as I taught it will be so Ill just have to put darker base color underneath this polish but color is gorgeous. 
Retail price:€3.99
New Look contour palette. This is amazing I have to say I love it used it only twice but It is pigmented easy to blend, stays on all day and simply looks good as well as it is a dupe for more high end contour pallet so Dupe post will be coming as soon as I will use this a bit longer time
Retail price: €7.99
Swatches of New look contour palette.
 Inglot Amc eyebrow gel in nr 16. I hope this is good cuz my Anastasia one is nearly gone so I wanted to try something new.
Retail price: €16 (might be 15
Since I needed a new empty 10 pallet I wanted to get at least 1 eye-shadow(purple) but then I saw these gorgeous metallic shadows and couldn't walk away from Inglot counter without buying them.
Retail price: €6(each)
1. Nr156
2. Nr377
 I ordered the brush from Alixpress and since I got it I cant stop using it, I feaking love this brush for powder becuse it is really really soft and good quality.
Retail price: €8
I had to throw this in here for people who are Makeup artists or in general use disposable wands, I order them from Alixpress too instead of buying 28wands for €4.25 in salon supply store(Ireland) I get 100wands for €3. It takes time for them to come for me I haven't waited for an order longer than month and a half, but usually stuff starts coming after 2 weeks and the shipping is free.
1. Lip wands are around €3 for 50 of them.
2. The black masacara wands are around €3 for 100wands
3. Pink mascara wands are around €3 for 50wands
4. The rubber pink wands are around €3 for 50wands  (The best ones they get to the roots of the lashes)
I said around for price because sometimes they are even cheaper that is when I try to buy them but they can go up to €5 or more euros so if you see prices like that don't buy them look around the website and you will find them a lot cheaper.
Need eyelashes I get them from Alixpress  usually pay up to €4 per pack not more, especially good for someone whos practicing to use lashes you don't need to pay over €6 per pair of lashes to practice with.
 They have fashion and all kinds of diamond lashes these go around €2 and up for a pair.Still better than paying €10 and up for them.
These Jessup  brushes is my best ever purchase from Alixpress  love them the quality is really good and thy are really soft I payed for the set around €18 and you cant go wrong with that especially when I sometimes pay  €45 for one brush. Amazing for begner to get or really anyone cuz they are really good. 

These are the Jessup brushes close up for each one.  

This is the best lip brush I own at the moment(Love it) 
 Sry for drastic change of background,it got accidentally deleted from camera.